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Thu Jun, 13 2024
Nature: Gas Leak (Natural and LP Gases)
Location: Llangollen Estates
Address: 219 Southerland Dr ,

Thu Jun, 13 2024
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: New Castle

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The Good Will Fire Company is always looking for new and motivated members to join our ranks! 



Good-Will Fire Company serves the City of New Castle and surrounding communities with Fire, Rescue, and EMS response. Good-Will has a rich history, with over 100 years of serving our community in its time of need. Good-Will responds to over 1200 Fire/Rescue calls and 2000 EMS calls annually. The company is steeped in tradition, and has a progressive and aggressive culture aimed to provide the best in life saving service when called upon. 


Good-Will Firefighter's and EMT's receive lots of benefits, including..

  • Scholarships.
  • Pension.
  • Free Gym.
  • State Tax Credit.
  • Progressive Training Opportunities.
  • Career Opportunities.


  • At least 15 years of age.
  • Be of Good Moral Character.
  • Be Physically Fit.
  • Meet Annual Training Requirements.


  1. Complete an Application. Applications can be picked up from the Station. 
  2. Complete a Delaware Background Check. If you obtain a background check form from the Station, it is free of charge.
  3. Complete a Delaware Driving Record Check. They can be obtained online. 
  4. Submit your completed application to the Station. Ensure ALL portions are completed, including
    1. Release of Information Authorization Form- Page 3. (Parent/Guardian Signature required if under Age 18).
    2. Authorization to release Medical Records- Page 15 (must be notarized if under age 18).
    3. Criminal History Affidavit- Page 16-17 (must be Notarized).
    4. Delaware Driving Record (can be obtained online).
    5. Delaware Background Check (results are mailed to the Fire Station). 
  5. The Membership Committee will review your application, and contact you for an interview. (note: if any piece of the application is missing, the application will be held until the missing information is received.)
  6. If you successfully complete the interview, you will be recommended for a 1-year probation to the Board of Directors. 
  7. You will receive guidance and mentorship by the Membership Committee throughout your probation to ensure your success. 
  8. If you successfully complete your 1-year probation, you will be made an Active Member.


If you have any questions about the application process or about membership requirements, please email us at [email protected]




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