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Thu Jun, 13 2024
Nature: Gas Leak (Natural and LP Gases)
Location: Llangollen Estates
Address: 219 Southerland Dr ,

Thu Jun, 13 2024
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: New Castle

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Amphibious DUKW Rescue Craft

In 1961, the fire chief appointed a committee to research the purchase of a rescue craft for rescue in the Delaware River. After much research, the committee recommmended the purchase of a military surplus DUKW amphibious vehicle for $300.00. The DUKW would allow rescuers to drive the vehicle over the shoreline and into the water. Once in the water. the operator would flip and switch and the transfer case woul go from "road" to "water" and engage a propeller. The craft was painted red and emergency and scene lights were added along with rescue equipment. The fire company operated the draft until apploximatly 1960 when an 18' rescue boat was purchased. 

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